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About us

dpCLOUD was established in 2011 to provide customizable cloud solutions for our clients' growing needs while assisting to reduce operational costs. dpCLOUD stands for dedicated private CLOUD to enable us to provide isolation network and system architecture to enhance security to meet the requirement of certain industries.

We have a well dedicated service team to ensure well planned resources are allocated to customers for their daily operations without incurring any unnecessary costs. This will ensure that our customers increase operation efficiency and more importantly grow the business with minimum cost. Our team comprised of many of different talents who are well versed with different technology platforms. We have the best solution designed to suit various environments.

dpCLOUD is based on the cloud computing technology where computing power, data storage and applications all come together as one to provide convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources anywhere at anytime. Our virtualization solutions reinvent the way we work since it maximizes the powers of cloud computing to create optimum efficiency and improve economics for companies. There is also no compromise to security unlike public cloud services where availability issues related to critical data is always a concern.

All public Infrastructure as a Service ("IAAS") providers built huge standardize platform which are unable to customize to the needs of today's individuals and organisations. dpCLOUD realized and has addressed this issue by having dedicated consultants and professionals to customize your cloud computing according to your requirements. Unlike all IAAS providers, dpCLOUD allocate dedicated network; network security devices; hardware resources; internet bandwidth to all customers individually and also insist that image backup option is compulsory.

dpCLOUD differentiates itself by offering companies with personalized and customized solutions that are not only cost-effective but also less labor-intensive. Organizations in every industry, regardless of size or geography are embracing cloud computing as a way to reduce the complexity and costs associated with traditional IT approaches.

We understand that many organisations have experienced an increase in their IT overheads as the world is facing a shortage of professional IT employees. By allowing dpCLOUD to assist you through our services like cloud computing and VPS hosting which will help to lessen the need of in-house frontend support engineers and the company might even consider not hiring any IT specialist. This is done by moving current frontend processing power to backend Web-apps and cloud solutions. All frontend client became dump terminal where laptop, touch-pad, mobile devices are use as an interface to access their backend application and services.

The powers of virtualization with dpCLOUD now enable users to store files and software remotely, rather than on a hard drive or server in the offices.